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MOBJAI™ empowers everyone to benefit from AI for analytics with no coding skills or data science training required. Accessible and user-friendly, it enables data-driven decision-making and insights from complex datasets, making AI accessible to all.

Zero to AI predictions in 60 Seconds

first choose your use case


Focus sales efforts by optimizing leads based on likelihood of closing.


Optimize marketing spend effectiveness then activate best performing channels.


Prioritize existing customers based on likelihood of churn. Concentrate on delighting these customers.


Prioritize customers unlikely to pay outstanding invoices then help them with pay plans.


Predict when equipment is likely to fail then schedule preventative maintenance.

Getting started in 3 steps

all you need is 1 CSV file

Prepare Your Data

You will need a single CSV file, containing test and training data for predictions .

To train a predictive model, you need a dataset that includes both historical data with known outcomes and new data with unknown outcomes. The dataset should have at least one binary outcome column, such as "Yes/No", "1/0", "Converted/Not converted", "Diagnosis A/Diagnosis B" etc and a minimum of 1000 rows and at least 10 columns.

You can include both the known and unknown outcomes in the same dataset as the training process will automatically split the data and show you the predictions.


Refine Features & Select Objective

Once you have your dataset, Drag and Drop to upload, then select Features and Outcomes.

Once you have both datasets, simply drag the data file to the launch Pad.

MOBJAI will then ask you to specify the column with the outcomes that you would like to use for training and subsequent prediction. The reason we ask for a single outcome is because there may be multiple outcome columns in a dataset.

Next, MOBJAI will perform feature selection to identify the most important predictors that contribute to the outcome you want to predict.

For instance, in a sales dataset with a "SALES STAGE" column and a "CLOSED WON" outcome column, selecting SALES STAGE as a predictor would provide less statistical weighting to other important factors, such as deal size, customer industry, and location. Therefore, it's crucial to deselect SALES STAGE and identify the statistically significant features that correlate most with successful "CLOSED WON" deals to use them as predictive drivers in your model.


Deploy Outcomes

MOBJAI does all the hard work.

MOBJAI does all the hard work by checking the MISSION data and preparing it for model building. Then MOBJAI creates multiple models and tests the data with them to find the best performing model to use.

Once the best performing model has been selected, MOBJAI scores the OBJECTIVE data and creates the predictions for you all in under 60 seconds! Now, download the CSV file of predictions and either use to set a strategy for the business or enrich the existing data in your systems to help focus resources more effectively.

There you go!, simply powerful Ai predictions in under 60 seconds.

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Prepare your data and upload to the launch pad

Complete selection criteria and deploy

Download results and generate Mo™ expertise

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Launch Mission​

Upload MISSION CSV Datasets

Learn about Data

Confirm Mission Objective

Select an outcome to generate predictions

Learn About Objectives

Deploy Predictions

Download & Deploy Predicitons

Learn About Deployment

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